Jewelry Dishes on Fleek

I’m Back!! Sorry for the hiatus I had a very busy week and a half and was not prepared with content! I promise to do better next time. So anyway…
Let’s talk about my new favorite fashion accessory – jewelry dishes. It’s the one thing you never knew you needed. It only took me one accidental drop of the engagement ring dangerously close to the drain to know I needed something. A recent trip to my local Charming Charle convinced I needed these. And can you blame me, how cute?
Now the problem is I want them all! So far I have one in my bedroom and next to the bathroom sink. I do need a 2nd in my kitchen. (How on theme to get this cat dish?) I also think I may change out the bathroom one by season/holiday. That’s the one everyone would see anyway so why not keep it fresh!
You can use the dishes to even hold your favorite crystals!
I partially like the dishes with objects in the middle – like this mermaid. They tend to be a little bigger so they can hold wrapped necklaces and bracelets. You can also just hang your rings on the object! I may need to switch up the bedroom one (or just have 2) and buy this mermaid.
These little dishes are so simple yet add so much to a room. Plus after almost dropping your engagement ring down the sink, the dish ends up actually being priceless!
Show me your favorite jewelry dishes!! Tag @ablondenhercat on Twitter or @ablondeandhercat on Insta!

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