A Kickboxing Good Time

Like most females I have never been confident with my body. I am not overweight and I do have muscle but I’ve always had a tummy. Through high school, college, and my early 20s it was always there. I ran track in high school so it was not like I was out of shape and lazy. Of course my metabolism was still working in my early 20s but that didn’t help my stomach. I’d actually been asked on multiple occasions during this time if I was pregnant. So yea, I have a belly.

By my late 20s though my metabolism slowed down and I put on more weight. Although people would say I was skinny and I didn’t need to lose weight, I still had a belly that I was insecure about. I was at my heaviest according to the scale. I actually looked back at an old picture from that early 20s timeframe and damn did I look good! It made me ever wonder how I could think I looked fat, or quite frankly was fat. Oh wait, people would ask me if I was pregnant. Now I remember!

Finally in 2015 I decided I needed to join the gym and actually commit. I had been a member of a gym before but I rarely would go and was throwing my money away. This time would be different and I would go at least 3 times a week. I went. I would skip here and there but overall I was going. But it wasn’t working. I still had my belly and the scale still showed the same weight. With only a few months left in my annual gym membership I went on the hunt for something new and thanks to Groupon I found my fit – KICKBOXING!

kickboxing (Image Source)

My first CKO Kickboxing class was nothing like I expected. It was a full hour of intense cardio workout. It is definitely not for the faint and if you think you are just going to punch/kick a bag the whole time then this isn’t the class for you! In addition to the bag work you do a lot of other exercises like squats, lunges, ab work, bear crawls, burpees, knee jumps, weights, etc. Some of these exercises I never knew existed before. Each instructor is different and has their own intensity.

My first year I went about 3 days a week. I still would miss a week here or a month there but overall I was going. The weight started coming off slowly. That’s when I realized maybe my diet (which is by no means great) might be playing more of a part than I expected but that’s for another post. By year 2 (which I am in now) I updated my diet a little and finally started seeing the weight come off.


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Now to be fair, I am not losing 50 pounds here but I did lose about 10-15. You can’t forget all the muscle you are building and remember muscle weighs more. I still do not have a perfect diet so I do still have my belly. Honestly I don’t think it will go away! But here’s the best part – I’ve gone down a pants size and PEOPLE ARE NOTICING! I’ve actually been told I shouldn’t lose any more weight!

Aside from the obvious workout kickboxing gives you, this has also helped me with my stress and frustration in both my work and personal life. There is nothing better than having an awful day and then going to kickboxing. You get to punch and kick the shit out of that bag for an hour and let go of everything you have been holding on to. Not only are you getting a good workout you are getting a mental refresh!

I cannot recommend kickboxing enough! If the gym is not your thing then find a class that is! I get so much more out of a hour long class vs two hours spent at the gym! There are so many gyms now that offer kickboxing classes so if there is not a CKO by you – I bet there is somewhere else. I’ll throw some links below! Also, check out local martial art studios or similar, I’ve started noticing these places offer a kickboxing class.

My last bit of advice is simple check Groupon first! I cannot tell you how many times I see a deal for kickboxing classes! You can get at least your first few classes and usually gloves for the price of one individual class! And if you love it as much as me become a member! Obviously it is much cheaper as a member than to pay per class! As long as I go 4 times a month, I get my money’s worth and I’m typically going 4 times a week!






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