Podcast Spotlight – Straight Up with Stassi

So I would be lying if I said I really wanted a blog. The truth is, I want a PODCAST! But I have to start somewhere and I need to build a following. No one is going to listen to me, not even my friends, I need an organic following. Which brings me to blogging. Hey, it could be a worst hobby! This doesn’t mean though that I will abandon all of my podcasts. So to give props to the people who got me here (and hopefully I can one day share a platform with) I will Spotlight one podcast a month! I hope you end up loving these Podcasts as much as me! So with further ado…

Straight Up with Stassi

Before I can discuss my love for Podcasts and Stassi I have to go a little farther back. My new car (5 years ago) had come with a trial of Sirus XM. Once that was over, I decided to keep it! I don’t know how but one day I found Cosmo Radio and Cocktails with Patrick. I instantly fell in love with the show and Patrick. I only kept my subscription for Patrick. I continued listening to him on all his sports shows, even when he was on at midnight east coast time (hello on demand). I actually only canceled my membership a few months ago and it’s because I started listening to too many podcasts… More on this later.

At this time I was not listening to any Podcasts or watching Bravo. I of course didn’t know what Vanderpump Rules was – I had no idea what glorious television awaited me! But then Patrick started dating this chick named Stassi. I started watching VPR’s second season, filmed pre-Patrick. By the time Stassi started a podcast I was just as obsessed with her as I was Patrick. It was quite honestly fate!

Now let me share my love for Stassi! She gets a lot of hate but she doesn’t deserve it. She is real and in charge. She has grown so much in the last 2 years and it is very relatable. No one is perfect in their 20s. You are living your best life. You are going to make mistakes but you learn from them and you grow. That is what Stassi is doing and people really should leave the girl be. I’m a Khalessi until I die!!

Stassi started Straight Up with Stassi and I thought why not try out this podcast thing. It was everything didn’t know I had been missing. Thanks to Stassi at least 4 of her friends started podcasts with her guidance. Each of their podcasts is different and they are all some of my favs. Then you have other podcasters she is friends with, that you had no idea because they are not on the show, and then you are introduced to their shows. I’ve come to the point where I can’t follow any more podcasts right now because I follow too many! It’s why I canceled my Sirius XM after 5 years! I miss Patrick! It kept me sports relevant! Then of course there are the shows with her idols. I get so excited her and this awesome experience!

When I listen to Stassi’s podcast (as well as many others I will be spotlighting) I feel like I am hanging out with one of my girlfriends. I usually have resting bitch face but if I am listening intently to a podcast while I drive or walk I tend to have a smile on my face. You may even catch me talking to myself as I respond to something said. And when they don’t remember something or say something wrong you want to help them out so your shouting out loud. Podcasts are so great and I can’t wait to share all of the awesome ladies (and some gentlemen) I listen to on a weekly basis!

Thank you Stassi for in some way bringing me to this blog today and hopefully maybe one day a Podcast. Thanks for introducing me to so many other podcasts and fabulous people and friends. I have learned so much and it really is because of you!

Listen Here

Ok and how gorgeous is this yellow dress? Image Source


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