Another Bachelorette Recap


Ah sorry this is on the later side but I HAD to rewatch the first half hour from last night’s episode. Also, I’m not doing a full recap because quite honestly the rest of the episode was pretty disappointing. BUT the first half hour of the episode was what makes reality TV so wonderful! So let’s pick up where we left off last week… DeMario wants to talk to Rachel and she agrees.

This was by far the greatest 30 minutes in Bachelorette history! All females need to take a lesson from Rachel. HOW EMPOWERING!! I appreciate Rachel at least giving him a chance but she knew going into the convo she was never taking him back. And there was absolutely no reason she had to! Her face while he spoke – Priceless! She calls him out! She wants a MAN not a little BOY! Best line – “You need to move forward but forward is not into the Bachelor mansion. Forward is outside the mansion.” She tells it like it is! AHH! I wish I could be her!!! And with a simple “thank you” she out!

And DeMario is off the Paradise….

So now we are off to the later end of the first half hour. We finally have the rose ceremony. I am becoming EXTREMELY good at the producers foreshadowing so the next news I am about to drop was by no means shocking to me – it was of course quite frankly VERY obvious! We learn Rachel has sent home Jamey, Blake, and sadly WHABOOOOM Lucas. Unbeknownst to me she is keeping the damn tickle monster. I agree with Ellen on this one – he would have never made it in the mansion if I was her!

Before we move on from the rose ceremony I like Lucas’s mention of “trouble in paradise”. We all know he is going to be on Paradise, right?

And then it begins… The exit interviews! Lucas and Blake are playing the name game like children. Lucas starts speaking louder just to be an ass and to interrupt Blake’s interview above. Blake comes over and just when you think he is gonna smack him Blake gives him a pat on the back. Tops it off with “Fuck you. You’re a piece of shit.” Blake goes in on Lucas and even does a wonderful WHABOOM impersonation. This is when we find out Blake is a meathead and Lucas is a clown. They decided to fight by mimicking each other and saying the same things over and over again.

I just can’t with this show, this was reality GOLD!!!

I honestly think these two have a very close bromance. When Blake came over the smiles the two had seemed like they were lying and the whole thing was to get them both on TV. Coincidently, if you didn’t know, the two were previously on another reality show, Ex Isle, which wa s hosted by Carmen Electra. On that show Blake stole Lucas’s exgirlfriend so when Blake said to Rachel his roommate was Blake’s ex – it was also his ex! Ok maybe it’s not a bromance but it sure is something, so for now I’m sticking with it!

Thankfully with Paradise right around the corner, I’m sure we will get to see a lot more of Blake and Lucas’s “bromance”!

It seems things will get even more heated at the mansion next week and not in a good way, so until next time…

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