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Ok so today I want to talk about my latest lady crush… PRIYANKA CHOPRA! I cannot say her name correctly but boy is she gorgeous! I first discovered the amazingness that is Priyanka like most of you would have, from her hit ABC show Quantico. Priyanka stars as the heroine Alex Parrish who often finds herself the only one America can count on to save the day but yet is America’s most wanted fugitive at the same time. You love and root for her week after week to find love, to clear her name, and to save the day. Of course she always does!

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We are also blessed to see Priyanka as the latest Pantene spokesperson. One of Priyanka’s most gorgeous traits is her long and luscious hair! It’s full and flawless. As an Indian woman in American pop culture she is breaking the mold and the stereotype of the typical brunette. In the June 2017 issue of Glamour Priyanka spills her hair secrets: “Great genes. I believe in oil massages for the scalp, an Indian thing. And weirdly, beer and eggs are incredible conditioners.” She adds, “You shampoo it off!”

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You can catch Priyanka in theaters now in her first American film, Baywatch. Priyanka has actually starred in 50 Hindi movies before moving back to America to star in Quantico. In Baywatch Priyanka plays the antagonist, a role very different from her part in Quantico, but at the same time not. Priyanka explains in Glamour “What I love about Victoria is that she’s not baselessly evil. She thinks she’s just driven. … She has a point to prove.” Whether on the small screen or the big screen Priyanka is one badass bitch and boy, do I love her for it!

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Catch Priyanka Chopra in  theaters now in Baywatch!

Watch Quantico on Netflix or ABC On Demand. Quantico has been renewed for a Season 3!

Read Priyanka’s interview with Mira Jacob in the June 2017 issue of Glamour!


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