Who doesn’t love a good sneaker? Ever since high school it all became about wearing a good sneaker. And by good I do not mean supportive, I mean in style and cute! I was never one to wear much of anything but a skater shoe during this time! As stylish and cute as they were there is nothing supportive or practical about them! Skater shoes have a heavy sole creating an obviously heavy shoe, definitely not ideal for long walks or physical activity! They offer little to no support and 9 times out of 10 I would end up with blisters on the back of my foot!

But, despite all that, I still kept buying them! Even in my adult life! I have my work shoes, my summer shoes, my Uggs, my workout shoes, and my skater shoes! These were my go to sneakers…. Until this winter!


Photo Credit

While watching Vanderpump Rules this fall I saw Katie Maloney rocking the Adidas Superstar! She was wearing it with everything and it always worked with her outfit and looked cute! Whether it was with a pair of jean shorts or a dress there was no need for an uncomfortable shoe! Funnily enough, I owned a pair back in middle school in baby blue! How silly of me to forget about how awesome this sneaker was!

That was it, I was sold!

Once I want something, I usually will go immediately to get it. These shoes were no exception. Since then I wear them ALL the time! I’m wearing them right now! I even wore them for the fun pictures during our engagement shoot! I will admit, I never wear the right shoes! Like that one time I walked 7 miles around Boston one day wearing Toms… Now, I never have to worry about that!


I honestly don’t think I’ll have buy another type of sneaker again! The best part, I can just keep buying new colors!

Buy the shoes here!

Engagement Photos Courtesy of Photo Arts Productions


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  1. Aricouture says:

    I love Adidas Superstars too, they’re so versatile and cool!

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    1. Yes!!! My absolute fav!!

      Liked by 1 person

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