Jewelry Dishes on Fleek

These little dishes are so simple yet add so much to a room. Plus after almost dropping your engagement ring down the sink, the dish ends up actually being priceless!

A Kickboxing Good Time

I cannot recommend kickboxing enough! If the gym is not your thing then find a class that is! I get so much more out of a hour long class vs two hours spent at the gym!

Hibachi Chicken

This recipe is super easy, takes about 30-45 minutes depending on how quick you prep (I am slow), and tastes just like hibachi chicken from a restaurant. And I don’t even use a wok! I mean, even Jake likes it!!

Babe Alert

Ok so today I want to talk about my latest lady crush… PRIYANKA CHOPRA! I cannot say her name correctly but boy is she gorgeous!


I honestly don’t think I’ll have buy another type of sneaker again! The best part, I can just keep buying new colors!

Jake’s Garden

Little did I know I was creating a monster! A CRUNCHY MONSTER! Jake is now a fatty so to balance him out I love giving him cat friendly grass!