Won’t you be my Bridesmaid?

So… I’m engaged! YAY! My fiance and I were engaged a year ago yesterday actually! It’s funny – I really wanted to be engaged but I never planned out the after! Which led us to a looong engagement – the wedding isn’t until April 29th, 2018! I’ve been doing little things here and there but now we only have 11 months! It’s time to get the essentials out of the way and what better than to enlist your girls so you now have help planning your big day!

I will admit, I struggled the most with this. 

I know how much it costs and what it means to be in someone’s wedding party. I’m sure it also adds a stress on to the person for a number of reasons. I also know how much of an honor it can be to be asked and how I really shouldn’t think that much into it. But I do. Especially since I really only have a handful of girl friends of which only a few can be considered close.

So I got over my anxiety and I asked the girls to be in my wedding. It ended up being a 3 part process quite honestly. I knew right off the bat who my initial 4 girls were going to be so I started there. I also knew asking them would be the easiest – despite knowing this my heart was still pounding leading up to the “proposal”.

This one was the big elaborate proposal. I invited 3 of the girls to brunch. The 4th lives in MA so she was just mailed her gift. I asked in normal fashion and then provided them with these boxes. The boxes were inspired by multiple Pintrest posts to make it my own!


The front had their first name initials. I bought wooden boxes from Michael’s and painted them the blue I hope to use for their dresses. The initials are just black wooden letters also from Michael’s.


On the inside I painted it black – to go with the front initials. I used a gold paint pen to ask them to be my Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids. I also added a little yellow foam heart sticker I happened to have around the house. Yellow’s my favorite color so it was my signature so to speak.


To personalize each box, I included a little 2″x2″ picture frame with a picture of myself with each girl.


I also included a small Yankee candle which ended up fitting perfectly next to the frame. I had hoped to also include a bottle of wine but I over estimated the size of the box. While I still gave them the wine, it ended up outside the box. I should have went with airport liquor bottles instead!


The other two girls I asked to be in my wedding were done later. Quite honestly I struggled with who to ask and we also went back and forth on how big our wedding party would be. So for these two lucky ladies I once again checked out Pintrest and combined a bunch of ideas!

First the “He Popped the Question”! For that you just cut the circle and insert the Eos lip balm! Easy, simple, and cute!

The second is a label to stick on a wine bottle. I was inspired by some labels you could purchase. I went into Microsoft Publisher and through this together. Cover the label of your friend’s favorite bottle of wine and your done! Another easy, simple, and cute idea!

No matter what you do to ask your bridesmaids, know they love you and will be honored to be a part of your special day!

Get the “He Popped the Question” stencil here!


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