Not Another Dishonest Bachelorette Contestant?!

WHABOOM! It’s time for a Bachlorette Recap! Today we are reviewing last night’s (5/29) episode and boy was it a doozy! But before we get ahead of ourselves… Let’s start at the beginning!

To start the episode we get another clip of Rachel with her dog. Then it’s to the guys at the house. In typical foreshadowing fashion, Chris Harrison states he hopes the guys are here for the right reasons. Come on Chris, really?? Cue the first group date card. The first date ends up featuring guest stars Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis.

Rachel hopefuls compete in a husband material game. As the game goes on guys get eliminated until it is down to the final 2 – Lucas Whaboom and Kenny the Wrestler. Ironically enough, Lucas stiff arms Kenny and ends up with the win. We find out Blake is upset by Lucas and calls him a cheat. No matter – Lucas wins!

Best part is when they try to get Ashton to WHABOOM. He was having none of it.

During the evening part of the date you learn that Rachel is not really feeling much for these guys. In this group, most are falling into the friend zone. Blake spends every moment not with Rachel complaining about Lucas and how he is not there for the right reasons. But then there is Dean. Dean says all the right things and kisses Rachel. Surprise surprise – he gets the date rose!

Now it’s time for Rachel and Peter to have the first 1-1 date! The two meet at a private jet on an airport runaway. Rachel breaks the news that her best friend is joining them. Surprise her best friend is her dog Copper! I still would like to know what happened to his leg. (Though she did mention him just having an accident.) Is this why she brought the dog with her in the first place?

The two spend the day doing dog friendly activities. Peter and Rachel seem to have a very good connection. They bond over their mutual gapped front teeth. They also bond over both seeing relationship therapists and learning similar things. Nothing says love like therapy and gap teeth – am I right? He of course is given a rose on the date.

Now the fun – our second group date! For this date the guys head to a school gym to play basketball with guest star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. They start just doing different drills and skills but then we find out they are going to play a game in front of a crowd. DeMario proves to be the front runner throughout and ends up being quite the show off. Rachel loves this.

The guys head back to the locker room after the game is over and Rachel stays back and talks to the fans that are there to watch the game. A girl named Lexi comes up to her and spills the beans. DeMario and her dated – up until 2 days before After the Rose. Then he ghosted her.

Rachel brings DeMario out. He denies it all and calls Lexi a psycho. Eventually he comes around though and admits some form of the truth. Rachel’s not buying it. That’s when the awesome Rachel tells him to “get the fuck out”! Rachel is clearly upset and pissed. She lets the other guys know what happened.

For the night time date the guys all try to make Rachel feel better. They succeed as she admits she would give them all a rose if she could. But only one stands out on this night date – Josiah. He says all the right things and really shows an emotional and vulnerable side so this was a no brainier. Josiah gets the date rose.

The cocktail hour pre-rose ceremony starts off like all the rest. Rachel is spending her 10-15 minutes per guy and getting in as many makeout sessions as she can. But who is lurking… DeMario! He tells producers he wants to talk to her – explain himself. The producers advise they can get Chris Harrison. Chris talks to him and basically says I’ll see what I can do but it’s up to Rachel. 

Of course Rachel wants to hear what he has to say!

And so do all the other guys… 

They proceed to all follow Rachel outside… And to be continued!

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